I always enjoyed going to get my routine checkups and having ultrasounds was the icing on top of the cake .  March 10th was no different. I was 19 weeks and had a routine ultrasound. The doctor said everything looked great.  But at 20 weeks everything shifted and my whole world was rocked when the doctor calmly and simply stated,  "You're one and a half centimeters dilated." 


I was in premature labor and hospitalized for 4 days trying to save our baby.  But on March 23, 2014, at 21 weeks our third child, Love Speed, was born.  It was too early for her to make an appearance into the world. She lived for a little over an hour and my life was forever changed. Our family was incomplete and our hearts were shattered


My Story

I was overjoyed when I found out that my third baby was in the oven cooking. This baby was going to make our family complete. Typically, I'd wait until the second trimester to share the news but I was so exited and confidant that this pregnancy would be like the the other two... a little nausea, extreme tiredness and a whole lot of excitement... that I figured what's the harm in not waiting.  After all, I'd delivered two beautiful babies successfully.  I was a pro.  


I could hardly function. My whole being had been changed. I was afraid to be around people that I knew. I took time off of work and the thought of returning was terrifying. I felt very unsure of myself and life. Sleep was almost impossible. Everything was different.  

In the midst of my grieving I wanted to find a way to comfort other families who would unfortunately also experience perinatal loss.  I wanted to find a way to let these families know that they are not alone and there are people and organizations that can help them through this painful time in their life.    

Love's Foundation exists to help parents with the emotional distress and heartache

associated with making final arrangements for their precious baby who has passed away.  My hope is that Love's Foundation will allow  grieving parents to focus on their healing and lessen their financial burden.  


                                                                                               Jennifer Speed